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The happiness workshop is a pop-up for wellbeing and happiness. We tailor workshops to the event, business, festival, space we are. We run a series of workshops that involve the following:
Positive psychology - Laughter therapy- Creativity - Positive thinking - Relaxation - Stress management - Building self esteem - Building compassion - Maintaining positive relationships - Gratitude - Mindfulness- Meditation -Self reflection - Prioritising - Coping skills - Kindness- Peace- Tools and exercises for everyday life

About the workshop
It is an interesting, friendly and fun place where we work together to explore happiness. Everyone is welcome! You will gain understanding from varied perspectives and will be given tools and exercises to use in your daily life. It will get you thinking outside the box and will help you realise what is important to you. If your main focus is happiness, everything else will fall into place. 
'Had an amazing time! Really great. Will definitely go again!' Sarah, London
'Met some lovely people, and learnt great stress management techniques. And most importantly I left with a really positive outlook. Highly recommend this workshop.' Boe, Northampton
'Five stars! Loved the workshop!' John, London
'I woke up with complete control of my thoughts, thank you' Colette, London
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